buffy + every season finale (season 1)

"No. I’m not going away. I’m going to help you break the spell that you are under!"


Share A Coke With Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend (2013)

Ten: kittenwelp
Donna: shigeako
Pictures: ireneadlerholmes

Have you seen what we were drinking? Good nobody saw that!

graphic battle vs. makofied.
round 1: favorite character — avatar korra.

make me choose → previouslyonl0st asked: arthur’s smile or merlin’s smile

Title: Horchata Acoustic
Artist: Vampire Weekend
Played: 34289 times

horchata (acoustic), vampire weekend

here comes a feeling you thought you’d forgotten


Stop acting like autism is a disgusting contagious disease that needs to be eradicated. The only “awareness” that autism needs is called respect and acceptance. If you think you’re helping autistic people by pitying them - newsflash: you’re not.

going through my merthur tag was such a bad idea hahahah what the hell i am dead inside

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